The Best Kind of Summer

true_romance-1 In my mind, summer is one of the best times to watch a movie. Sure, when it’s snowing or raining it’s the best thing to do to keep you entertained, but I think there’s something particularly special about watching a movie on a breezy summer night. When I was younger, my family and I used to project movies onto the side of our house in our front yard. The nights were hot and the movies were classic, from Raiders of the Lost Ark to The Italian Job. Those were and still are my favorite parts of the summer, just sitting back and watching your favorite movies. Summer is also a time for major blockbusters to be released. This year seems especially packed with them, whether they are endless sequels or creative action flicks. And while I do enjoy going to see the big summer movies and actually end up liking some of them, sometimes it’s more fun to watch the classics. So, I decided I would come up with a good list of summer classics …enjoy and watch!

Summer Movies of 2015

Casino_Royale_(103) Unknown

9. Casino Royale/Goldfinger

James Bond is not the same as it was 20 years ago, and some think that’s a good thing, some think it’s bad. I particularly like it because I think the newer films starring Daniel Craig are a darker take that we’ve never seen in the extremely long series before. I’m not exactly sure why James Bond films make me think of summer they just …do. I mean, yes I did kind of grow up watching them when it was summer time, specifically the original Sean Connery flicks. I chose these two JB mostly because of how opposite in genre they are, and really how times and action movies changed.

Goldfinger definitely takes the fun and sillier route that most of the JB movies took for a while. That was part of the fun of these movies though, I don’t think you were supposed to be thinking a whole lot about the situations and the happenings. Being the third official James Bond film, Goldfinger was 100% that type of movie, and it works! Sean Connery is still one of the best Bonds to this day. I think there are debates on who is the best Bond, but I think it clearly goes to the original. For me, Daniel Craig is close second, but the rest of the actors that have played the infamous spy never really stood out to me. Connery had the swagger and the suaveness, Craig had the hardcore and deep.

Casino Royale, like I said, is very different in terms of what type of movie it is. It is still pure action, but it takes a darker look at the James Bond that we’ve known for so long. The other interesting thing about Casino Royale is that it’s really James’s first mission, so in a way it’s a new beginning for the franchise. The other thing that I really like about Casino Royale is the female lead. Vesper Lynd is played by Eva Green with perfection. You can feel her pain in this movie and you can see how much she really takes an interest in James. It’s a beautiful and actually heartbreaking character to watch and it’s done perfectly. So, of all the 25 or so Bond flicks, I think these are the two that fit summer and really just every season best.


8. Drinking Buddies

Drinking Buddies is not an action movie and it definitely was not released in the summer. But, Drinking Buddies is a heartfelt, funny, and real comedy. The fact that this movie is almost 100% improvisation still blows my mind whenever I watch it. Olivia Wilde plays on half of our lead duo. She shares the spotlight with Jake Johnson (the actor, not the musician, calm down) and they play coworkers and friends who work at a brewery together. The plot consists mostly of the fact that the two are really good friends and maybe a little too close when both of them have significant others. And let me tell you, the name of this movie does not fail, there is beer in almost every scene of this movie. Each character has a glass in their hand in almost the whole movie, and it’s so subtle and weirdly/scarily realistic. But what really sells this movie to me is how much of a character study it is. Each character has such a different personality and they’re so real. Drinking Buddies is a small little indie flick, and it’s so perfect for summer, I recommend you watch it while it’s still on Netflix because it’s definitely worth it …but that’s just my opinion.


7. (500) Days of Summer

In the first 5 minutes of (500) Days of Summer we are told “this is not a love story” by a mysterious narrator, and it sets the tone for the movie perfectly. (500) Days of Summer is still and probably always will be one of my favorite movies ever. I think the main reason for that is because of how creative it is. The fact that you know these two people are not going to end up together in the end is daring and ends up being kind of sad and relatable for anyone who is a hopeless romantic like our main character Tom. Tom is played perfectly by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Like I said, Tom is a hopeless romantic and 100% believes in the theory of love, whereas the new girl in the office, Summer (played equally perfectly by Zooey Deschanel), believes that love isn’t all that it’s chalked up to be.

Not only is the music in this movie great, but the style and raw emotions bring out a fantastic look at relationships in ways we may have seen before, but not in a long time. I loved this movie when I saw it in theaters and I still love it when I watch it today.


 6. Kill Bill Vol. 1 & Vol. 2  Whenever I watch Kill Bill I try to watch both of the films as if they’re one movie because essentially they are, they were just split up and released at different times. Quentin Tarantino knows how to make a bloody good movie, and this is no exception. The Kill Bill movies are filled with action, blood and wit. I would say that Vol. 1 is maybe the bloodier and more action packed one and Vol. 2 has more of a western type of thing going on. Uma Thurman plays The Bride in all her yellow jumpsuit glory and is set on getting revenge on Bill, who was her boss when she worked as an assassin. I won’t tell you what Bill does to The Bride because that would spoil the fun of these movies, but I’ll tell you isn’t nice. If I really just wanted to go for it, I would make #6 every Tarantino movie out there. But, this is an organized list of different genres for a specific season, and who knows, maybe I’ll just talk about all his movies in another post.


5. The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys is a great example of a fun, campy 80’s horror movie that received the unfortunate consequence of getting a handful of straight to dvd sequels. But luckily the original is good enough to stand on it’s own and you can act as if the other films never existed. To me, there is always that scary movie that you watched when you were a kid with your friends and it scared the shit out of you. In my childhood that movie was Beetlejuice. But this was up there too. I think the reason why it was so scary was when some of the characters turned into vampires their faces were just weird and creepy looking. I would explain the plot to you, but it’s so much fun to just watch the movie and let the story just unravel in front of you that I feel there’s no need to. What more can I say? You have Kiefer Sutherland as a bloodthirsty vampire, a fantastic 80’s soundtrack, and a fun, breezy atmosphere. I would say those are some pretty damn good reasons.


4. The Indiana Jones Trilogy

I emphasize the word trilogy in this title as much as possible because I really think that the Indiana Jones series ended on a great note with The Last Crusade. While I don’t hate The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as much as some do, it definitely has it’s flaws and is not as rewatchable as the other three films. Of the three, I think Raiders of the Lost Ark is still my favorite and an instant classic. I think a good portion of the people who watch these movies agree with that statement, and for a good reason! It’s not only the movie that got the trilogy started, but it has so much to it that watching it in 2015 still makes me happy and act like a 5 year old in a candy store. Temple of Doom is the one that I have seen the least and I think the reason why is similar to why I don’t watch Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as much. Temple of Doom is no doubt still an Indiana Jones movie, but it’s darker and crueler to me than the other two films are. When you have a scene with a man pulling out another man’s heart right out of his chest than you know the tables have been turned. I still find it enjoyable, but there is just a little bit of the heart and excitement missing. Maybe it’s the monkey brains scene, or the child labor, it could also be that there is no Marion this time around. Which is something else on it’s own, Marion Ravenwood from Raiders is replaced in Temple by Willie Scott, who just isn’t as fierce or entertaining to watch.

The Last Crusade is what I consider to be the true sequel in the series. It comes very close to being just as good as the original. With Sean Connery playing his father and a search for a holy grail, it feels like a true Indiana Jones movie. I lived on these movies throughout my childhood, and I am truly grateful that I did because they brought out the adventure in me and the excitement that I could have for a movie that I never had before. The Indiana Jones movies are perfect for the summer, whether you’re just looking to have a good time or you want to watch with the whole family (there are a few scenes in each movie that might scar your child, just warning you in advance), they’re worth the admission.


3. True Romance

I’m gonna be honest here, I did not see this movie until about a year ago. It’s a very sad thing for me to admit, I’m not going to go as far to say I’m shameful, but it’s sad because this really is such a great movie. With a screenplay by Quentin Tarantino himself (I know, he’s in my list again ..get used to it), True Romance follows the theme of a fun adventurous movie, but definitely not as PG as Indiana Jones was. In this story we meet Clarence who falls in love with Alabama. Alabama is a prostitute and decides that she is done with that kind of life once she falls for Clarence. Clarence ends up killing Alabama’s pimp (played insanely and wonderfully by Gary Oldman), and ends up grabbing a suitcase he thought had clothes in it, but was really filled with cocaine, and the adventure ensues from there. Not only does this movie have a fantastic cast, boasting from Patricia Arquette to Christopher Walken to an early Brad Pitt. But the story and the romance works. We believe that Clarence and Alabama truly love each other and would do anything for one another. In typical Tarantino style, there is blood and there is violence, but it fits in with the gritty tone of the movie and works with the storyline we are given. True Romance has quickly become one of my favorite movies around, and if you haven’t seen it, I’m pretty sure you will think the same.

UNDATED - Liam James as

2. The Way, Way Back

This movie has to be one of the best of 2013 for me. I can’t get enough of it, and I think it’s because it has so much joy, and so much character to it. The Way, Way Back is written beautifully and has some of the most lovable, and hateable characters that I’ve seen in a movie in a long time. Our main character is Duncan (played by Liam James), who is forced to go with his mom (Toni Collette) and her boyfriend (Steve Carrell, playing evil this time around) to a beach house for the summer. Originally, Duncan is bored out of his mind and drowning in awkwardness as he has to constantly be around a group full of boozed up adults because he has nothing else to do. Eventually he befriends Owen (played hilariously and amazingly by Sam Rockwell), who works at the nearby water park. Owen gets Duncan a job at the water park and the story goes on from there. Another character in this film who is hilarious and so entertaining is Allison Janney’s Betty. Along with Sam Rockwell, she is the comedic center of this movie. Another honorable mention of a character should go to Susanna who is played by AnnaSophia Robb. I think this is the second movie on this list to actually take place in summer, and it’s the ideal summer film. If the #1 that I chose didn’t exist than The Way, Way Back would have been raised up one more number without any question. It’s just that good.

Great Moments - Jaws (1975)

1. Jaws

Let’s be honest with ourselves, there needs to be a little bit of suspense in your summer movie collection. What better to choose than Jaws? How could I not put this as my #1? It’s a classic and it will never be forgotten. Whether it be the creepy score, or the POV of the killer shark. When Jaws was released, movies like it were not being released during the summer. But when Jaws did come to theaters in the summer of 1975, the success of it really started the summer blockbuster fiasco that is so common today. I have watched this movie a few times this summer already and it is still just as good as the first time I watched it. A good portion of what makes this movie so suspenseful and chilling is the POV we get from the shark itself. Luckily there were malfunctions with the mechanical sharks that were to be used in the film, or else we might have not gotten those classic unforgettable scenes. To this day, Jaws scares the piss out of people, and for a good reason! It’s horror done at it’s best.


Thank you so much for reading my post and putting up with my weird sense of humor! I hope you enjoyed my list and hope that you will watch some of the films I suggested!

So, here’s until next time!

As you would write in some random person’s yearbook in high school, have a great summer! And remember to stay golden (was that just me that wrote that last part? Or was it a thing to quote The Outsiders?).




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