Sounds of the Summer


Well, May is coming to a close and June is coming to a start, summer is so near I can feel it. Summer is always a fun time, especially when you have some good tunes to back it up. Now, as you may now by my past musical posts, that I like to switch it up with what I listen to often, I try to go around to a bunch of different genres of music, it makes it fun. Summer is always an interesting time for music because you find that most people want loud music with big bass drops and are fun to sing along to. While I do love a good bop or something to blast with my friends, I also love some good ole me time music. Lately I’ve been into a lot of R&B music, but also a little bit of electronic. When I say electronic I don’t necessarily mean dubstep or house music, but more electronic from the late 90s early 2000s, which is quite a bit different from what that genre has become now. So if you’re in the dyer need for some good ole lowkey jams or just something you want to put on while you enjoy the summer sun, here are some recent favorites of mine that might peak your interest.


6. Butterfly by Mariah Carey

Butterfly just seems like the perfect album to start this list off with. I’m not necessarily a “lamb” (aka, dedicated fans of Mariah Carey), but I do enjoy some MC. I know that a lot don’t necessarily like her all that much but I urge you to step away from your judgments for a minute and just listen to this album because it’s quite good. This album (along with Emancipation of Mimi), is probably my favorite Mariah album out of the catalogue to choose from. It was the first album where she really started to get her sound and it shows in the best way possible. Kicking things off with the outstanding Honey we jump into a 12 track album that oozes with sensuality and fun. You’ll get songs like My All and Fourth of July that will scream summer love to you and then you’ll get others like Outside that will scream heartbreak. I find it to be a really nice album to turn on that will deliver some fantastic vocals and outstanding songs, I would definitely check this one out if I were you.


5. SEPT. 5th by dvsn

If you’re looking for a smooth voice and some lush beats then dvsn is the artist for you. I discovered dvsn a while ago when I was searching around on Spotify to look for something to listen to and Hallucinations (a great song on the album and probably one of their best songs), popped up and I instantly found myself replaying it. It starts with an infectious little beat progression that only gets better as the songs goes on. I was excited when I saw that there was a full ablum recently released. When I decided to listen I gladly wasn’t disappointed. Songs like With Me and Do It Well really add to the atmosphere and beauty of the world that this short little album creates.


4. Ray of Light by Madonna

Yes, I do enjoy a good little Madonna album every now and then! Ray of Light has always been an exception even if you don’t like the unique artist herself. It’s definitely one that stands out from any of her other albums and was an album that stood out when it was released in 1998. I think one of the reasons why it still is a very good album is it’s sound. With songs like Drowned World/Substitute For Love and Frozen a chilly atmosphere is built and you’re taken through a journey that is so different and refreshing for Madonna. Are there other Madonna albums that I also enjoy? Yes, I weirdly kind of enjoy 2000’s Music (I don’t know if it’s necessarily a good album but it’s just so strange and wacky that it makes for a fun listen), I find myself listening to 1994’s Bedtime Stories every now and then as well as classics like Like A Prayer and True Blue, but none of those are as memorable as Ray of Light is as a whole. As cold as the album can feel at times, I think that Ray of Light is great for a good chill afternoon.


3. Late Nights: The Album by Jeremih

In case you thought that there wasn’t going to be any other recent music on here, this is me proving you wrong. I never truly knew of Jeremih before some of the singles from this album (Don’t Tell ‘Em, Planez), but I knew that he had a nice voice and some catchy songs. It wasn’t until this album that I really started to like his music. Late Nights is obviously meant for exactly what the title says, late nights and going out. Pass Dat, Oui and Worthy are some of my favorites and they definitely make for a good time with friends. This album is perfect for a nice midnight drive with a friend or going out, I would highly recommend it.


2. Aaliyah by Aaliyah

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include this album on this list or not because it’s so hard to find (something to do with her death and the label, I’m not completely sure about the facts), but it’s just so damn good I felt I had to include it. I’m not sure if a lot of younger people would know who Aaliyah was because she was big in the 90’s and she did unfortunately pass away in a plane crash right before this album was released, but that’s not to say her music isn’t worth finding and taking a listen. She had a few albums throughout her career but this self titled album from 2001 has to be my favorite of them all. It’s definitely her most mature album and has that great signature Timbaland sound from that time. I Care 4 U, Extra Smooth and Rock the Boat are just a few gems from this wonderful album of hits. The album starts with the energetic We Need a Resolutiona and nicely ties things up with the big hit Try Again. Another thing that makes Aaliyah such a nice listen is Aaliyah’s voice, it’s a perfect balance of tame and emotional, there aren’t too many riffs or big notes but more nice little notes that compliment all the sounds on the album. Aaliyah’s talent was definitely a force to be reckoned with and it’s sad that we couldn’t get more amazing music like this.


1. Play by Moby

Growing up I knew about Moby from the song Honey and that was really it, I had heard Natural Blues but never really knew it enough to recognize it. Fast forward to 2016 and I hear Natural Blues again and get an instant flashback and rush to find the album to give it a listen. Who knew I would enjoy it so much? Play is an album full of electronic beats and samples from old blues and soul records, and it’s a diverse listen. Some other great songs (other than the ones I mentioned before), are Porcelain, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? and Find My Baby. Similar to Ray of Light, the album has a certain feel to it that is hard to explain unless you listen. I actually think this is a good morning album, I love to put it on when I’m trying to wake up and get the day started. If you need an interesting and sometimes strange album for your summer then Play is the one for you.

Well there ya go! Those are my summer picks for you! Sure, only one of them were recent but I don’t think time should matter. It should be about what you like and the quality. I have always enjoyed going back and listening to older albums, as much as I do like current music (not all of it, but there is good music being released here and there), I also find myself going back in time a little bit with music, whether it’s the 70s, 80s, or 90s I go all over the time frame with music. That’s what’s so great about it, there are so many choices! Hope you guys enjoyed my summer album choices and hope that you will give them a chance! Till next time!


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