MTV’s Scream & What Lies Ahead


So last year I had a post where I briefly talked about MTV’s rendition of Scream and just remakes/reboots in general. When I posted it the show was just starting it’s first season and I really wasn’t sure what to think of it or whether or not I would keep watching as the season went on. Low and behold here I am after watching the season 2 finale. Looking at the series from the beginning up to now, I think it’s been an interesting little show to watch. It’s nowhere near being perfect but there’s something about it that I really enjoy and that keeps me watching, which is weird because it’s such an MTV version of a movie series I really love. This show is obviously geared towards teens and it shows, but I think when this show has it’s moments, it really shines. After tonight’s episode ended, one of the things I thought about was whether I liked season 1 or 2 more? It’s hard because both seasons have had their highs and their lows. I want to say 1 because it felt like it had a simpler thing going on and those last 3 or 4 episodes were great, but season 2 definitely had it’s moments, even if they were overcast by mediocre writing.

My main issue with Scream is the fact that it doesn’t take risks. When you think about the Scream movies you loved all of those characters but they had no issue with killing some of them off (think Randy in Scream 2), but in this, especially in season 2, we barely get deaths. And while it’s nice that they’re trying to build relationships between these characters and their friendships, it can also make each episode drag when your main focus is that a killer is running around but not really killing anyone. Like I said, that was especially apparent this season. There seemed to be an endless amount of games being played but in the end we got maybe 2 or 3 deaths (that I can even remember), and to make matters worse there was what we thought was a death but ended up just being a little crack on the head.


I do want to touch on the season 2 finale briefly, because I do have some opinions. Do I even need to mention the fact that there are going to be 100% spoilers? Seems pretty obvious right? Anyway, this finale mainly composed of Emma and Audrey running from the police after being accused of possibly having something to do with the murders all while trying to find out who’s actually been behind all these killings. We start the episode where we left off and lead into a scene that is ripped directly from Scream 2 (it involves a cop car if that helps), where the killer leads the cop driving the cop car to crash and I think die?? Either way, the killer not so subtly gives the keys to the handcuffs to Emma and Audrey. Eventually they escape and from that point on it’s a search for the killer. As far as the episode as a whole, I think it was pretty weak, especially for a finale! The best scenes were the ones with Noah and Brooke, and the last 15 or 20 minutes with the reveal.

When we do finally get to the big scene that everyone has waited for all season, it’s revealed that Kieran is the killer and he was with Piper when she first came to Lakewood. As predictable as it was (did we REALLY think it was gonna be Eli? I mean cmon, I may be stupid at times but I’m not THAT stupid), I did actually like that it was Kieran. His reveal tied in nicely to the rest of the story and added some needed depth to the character. But honestly, can we just talk about Kieran for a second? I am out of this world relieved that he is now a baddie because it means we get to see him do other things than brood and be sad for Emma. And I genuinely felt that the acting once Kieran kind of shows his true colors was spot on and it surprised me! While it was a little disappointing that Kieran didn’t get an epic death in the end and was just sent to prison, we do get a nice setup for the next season (if there even is one ..we’ll get to that). We do get a few more little setups for the next season that include Emma’s mom, Daisy’s storyline, which felt a little shoehorned in and boring but we’ll see!


Lastly, let’s talk about the future of Scream: the TV Series. There is word that there won’t be a season 3/it will be cancelled because of how low the ratings have been. As much as I do think the show has it’s issues, I would enjoy at least one more season just to finish things off on a clean slate, and answer some unanswered questions. At the same time, I’m also not really surprised that a show based off a movie that was released in the 90s isn’t doing as well. I just don’t think the slasher genre is as big as it used to be. As much as it saddens me to say, I think that the generation this show is aiming at is more used to their cookie cutter supernatural ghost horror movies and it’s kind of a shame. 

Funny enough, another show that is returning for it’s second season is Scream Queens, which premiered around the same time as this show did last year. Their aren’t too many similarities among the two other than the fact that there’s a serial killer killing teens and they’re both mediocre in the ratings department. Scream Queens is much more of a campy over the top type of show versus the seriousness that you get with Scream. I do actually have a good time with both of these shows, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens with Scream. Maybe we’ll get lucky and one more season will be released, just so we can properly say goodbye.



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