Songs of the Week


Music is a daily part of my life. I listen to it whenever I get home, if I ever need to walk somewhere, or really anytime I’m able to. We hear music and make music everywhere we go, and for most people it’s something that heals or makes you happy.

Every week or so it seems as if I have a small group of songs that I like to listen to or I’m obsessing over. This week especially I felt as if I had a particularly good bunch of songs, so I thought “why not share them?”. And here we are. So I figured maybe every week on a Wednesday or Thursday I would have songs of the week.

Sound like a plan?

Good, cuz I was going to do it anyway.

Little of This, Little of That.


10. Water Prayer (Matt The Alien Remix) by Adham Shaikh

I’m not sure if Orphan Black has become as big of a hit as it probably should be, but I happen to think it is one of the best shows on TV at the moment. And obviously some people are watching because they just recently just started the third season.

I want to take it back a little bit to the end of season 2. There is a particular scene in which all of the clones (Sarah, Cosima, Allison, and Helena) are having a sweet moment with each other. Later on in this scene, one of the clones, Cosima, drops the needle on a particularly funky track. When I heard this song while watching everyone shamelessly dancing in the scene I fell in love with it. And ever since I haven’t stopped listening to it.

Water Prayer definitely has a funky feel to it. It starts with a fast Reggae-like beat and eventually brings in some loud synths that blend perfectly with the mood of the song. It’s exactly the kind of song I would imagine in this type of show. I found it to be perfect for exercising because it has the perfect beat and tempo to it.

Even if you don’t love Reggae music, you should give Water Prayer a try, because it may just be like nothing you’ve heard before.


9. Independent Woman (Kill Them With Colour Remix) by Kill Them With Colour

Take two solid songs from the early 2000’s, mash them together and this is what you get. With Enya’s Only Time slowed down and turned into a backing track, you get somewhat of a gospel sound that fits perfectly with some select lyrics from Destiny Child’s Independent Woman, Part 1.

With verses such as “girl I didn’t know you could get down like that” and “question, tell me what you think about this” on a repetitious cycle, this track becomes a catchy, hypnotic little song. I’ve been listening to it non stop the past couple of days, and it’s making me want to go back and listen to the originals it’s inspired by.


8. Solitaire by Marina and The Diamonds

I think that Marina and The Diamonds has been slowly getting recognition in the US like she should be. I’m going to be honest and say that when I first discovered Marina I (like most newcomers probably did) assumed she was a band, I mean c’mon, the title is very misleading. Turns out she is just singular and The Diamonds are the fans. Marina Diamandis is the woman with the voice, and it’s a voice that really isn’t like any current artist’s voice at the moment.

FROOT is Marina’s third album. Her first album, The Family Jewels, was really only known in the UK. But it was when her second album, Electra Heart, was released that she was starting to get some recognition. And I think most would say that her most popular song today is still Primadonna from Electra Heart.

FROOT was released in March after what seemed like ages of waiting (I mean really she released Froot, the first single, in December, that’s just mean) and was, to me, probably her strongest album. The Family Jewels was fun and weird but really only a one timer, and Electra Heart had some great tracks, but it was pretty all over the place. Not only is it her strongest, but it has some pretty great songs on it as well. One of my favorites happens to be Solitaire.

Solitaire is one of the slower and more haunting tracks on FROOT, and it drew me in completely. The whole song pretty much focuses on her voice, with simple beats. This song, unlike #10, calms me and is beauty to my ears.

If you dig this track, you should check out FROOT while you’re at it, it’s a great listen!

Smash - Season 2

7. They Just Keep Moving the Line by Megan Hilty 

If you didn’t watch NBC’s Smash when it was on (got cancelled a couple years back after two seasons) then you most likely won’t know this broadway-esque tune sung by Megan Hilty.

If you don’t remember, or just don’t know, Smash was a little show about a new Broadway-to-be musical about Marilyn Monroe called Bombshell and the drama behind the scenes. Specifically the drama (and really boxing match) between Megan Hilty’s Ivy and Katherine McPhee’s Karen. In the beginning of the first season they both audition for the role of Marilyn herself and the rest of the season is really the writers and producers deciding who would be better. There are original songs and many many covers involved, it’s kind of like Glee but take away the high school and put a broadway stage in the way.

Smash was pretty solid in it’s first season and eventually lost it’s mojo in it’s second and final season. This song happens to be from season 2. Karen isn’t able to make it to a certain event so they decide to have Ivy perform this song which she somehow knows by heart and sings flawlessly. Since this is a play based on Marilyn Monroe’s life there are MANY references to show business and how no one wants to accept her, “so talent and ambition / won me a chance to shine / I aced the big audition / but it’s rainin on cloud nine”.

I think my favorite part of this song is how it’s performed, with anger and sass, just the way I like it. You can really feel the pain in Megan Hilty’s voice and it’s great, plus she hits some killer high notes towards the end and it is beautiful. Smash may have been so-so but they sure did have some good songwriters/composers.

I love my show tunes and this is no exception. They Just Keep Moving the Line is a powerful song that makes you want to jam along with it, even if you can’t hit all the high notes (don’t worry, it’s not like a Christina Aguilera song). I really would like to see a Marilyn Monroe musical.

Maybe someday …


6. How Many Drinks? by Miguel

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Miguel, and I’m not exactly sure why. Sometimes I get bored with what I currently am listening to and go searching for something new, and Miguel is what I found. I had known his song Adorn for a little while, but that was about it. And with the knowing of that song I, naturally, found the album it was on and that album is 2012’s Kaleidoscope Dream.

While most of the songs are pretty solid on it, I found How Many Drinks? to be one that I was constantly listening to. Miguel’s songs tend to usually have a sexy vibe that comes with them and this song is no exception. How Many Drinks? is pretty much about what you think a song called How Many Drinks? would be about …sex.

I am aware that there isn’t much to this song and it’s message is “you can get wasted and we can fuck”, but I don’t always think that’s a necessarily a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with a song to listen to just for fun. In fact, I think it’s how a lot of people listen to music (especially people my age, in the 18-21 year old route) and it’s just one of those songs that I like to (unfortunately) scream the words to.

This is no table turner of a track, but it definitely is song that has a good beat and a killer voice to follow. And if you like this kind of music then I would check out the rest of Miguel’s stuff as well.


5. IV. Sweatpants by Childish Gambino

As you can probably tell, I like lots of different genres of music, one week you might find a group of songs that include Country, Rap, AND Pop! The music I listen to isn’t always about the type of music it is but more of how it appeals to me and what attracts me to it. I love a good Kelly Clarkson song where she’s killing it with the vocals, but I also love artists like Lana Del Rey where the vocals are a little more simplistic and focus more on the atmosphere of the song. It can also depend on how I’m feeling. For some reason, I’ve been listening to a lot of Childish Gambino this week, most likely because it’s solid hip hop and I feel good when I listen to his stuff.

IV. Sweatpants is a track from Childish Gambino’s album Because the Internet, which was released in 2013. The song starts off with some weird yelling noises that sound almost animal like, and then goes straight to the rapping. Because the Internet is filled with a bundle of great lyrics, this track in particular includes classics like “rich kid, asshole: paint me as a villain”, “yeah you got some silverware, but really are you eating though?”.

I find Childish Gambino’s music really interesting to listen to, and unlike the previous song it does actually make you think at times, whether it be “what did he just say?” or just “what did he mean?”. Check him out if you like some good ole’ modern rap.


4. The Blacker the Berry by Kendrick Lamar

I almost made this a tie between The Blacker the Berry and i, which are both tracks from Kendrick’s latest To Pimp A Butterfly, but I decided to go with The Blacker the Berry because, after multiple listens of both, I found this track to be deeper and something unlike anything I’ve heard before. To be fair, the whole album is pretty creative and unlike anything else that’s been released this year so far, but I found this one to by my favorite at the moment. Who knows, “i” might be on next week’s list for all I know.

To Pimp A Butterfly has turned out to be one of my favorite albums of the year so far, it’s different and fresh. The vibe is sort of a jazz/rap/hip-hop fusion, with songs like u, King Kunta, and Alright we get something that is very unusual. Ever since I heard Kendrick Lamar’s song Backseat Freestyle from 2012’s good kid, m.A.A.d city, I knew he was something different and intriguing. The newest album definitely pushes and proves that point to the max, there is a 12 minute song and there are lots of interludes, it definitely isn’t radio friendly, and that’s good because I don’t think this music needs to be for everyone.

A big theme that runs throughout the album is race. The Black the Berry is probably the most explicit with the subject of race, and it’s something that leaves a big impact after you listen.

This may be a deep song but I would give it a try, it’s deep, dark and it means something.


3. Honey, I’m Good. by Andy Grammer

This might be the only song on this list where I don’t know anything else by this artist. Usually I’m pretty good with looking up artists after I hear something by them that I like, that wasn’t really the case for me with Andy Grammar and I don’t really know why because clearly from this song he seems talented and his music seems to be catchy. Maybe it was the fact that this has been his big hit for a couple of weeks now and I didn’t feel the need to find anything else, I guess he just wasn’t intriguing enough for me.

But besides that fact, Honey, I’m Good. is a fun little song that I’ve been into lately. Since it’s been all over the place lately I’m not sure really where I heard it for the first time, but I feel like it was on pandora or the radio somewhere. Again, this song doesn’t have any “deep meanings”, it’s just a really catchy tune. And I mean really catchy, it’s one that will get stuck in your head a lot so beware! But I think it’s a good stuck in your head. It is the Pop-iest song on this list with some beautiful notes and fun beats, this song is just a damn good time!


2. Second Wind by Kelly Clarkson

I’ve always loved me some Kelly Clarkson, I mean, I pretty much grew up with her music (Breakaway was my shit). So initially when I saw she released a new album I was excited, the last thing she released was a Christmas album, and while that was great I needed something from her that I could listen to after just one month. The latest record, Piece By Piece, is mostly the fun kind of music that Kelly usually has with a few little twists here and there.

Over the past few years, Kelly has been really good at coming out with empowering songs about being yourself and owning it (with songs like People Like Us, What Doesn’t Kill You, Invincible, etc). A recent addition in that catalogue would be a bonus track on Piece By Piece called Second Wind. Like I said, this is an empowerment song, and it’s great. I don’t really think I need to explain to you what it’s about, it’s pretty self explanatory. The track includes lyrics like “just when you think I’m at the end / any second ima catch my second wind”, stuff like that.

There is a certain part of the song that is the chorus and it’s pretty much just a lot of “nah nah”, but it sounds so nice and is what made me want to listen again and again. Kelly is always good to listen to when you’re heart broken and mad or just need to let out any anger, and this song is no exception.


1. Lord of the Game (feat. Mexican Girl) by Death Grips

Here it is, my song of the week …dun dun dun!!! Aaand most likely a lot of people have never even heard of Death Grips, and most might not like them. For me, this is their best song, and it’s probably their craziest …and that’s saying a lot.

Death Grips is basically loud rap. Think heavy metal if you took out the instruments and replaced them with rap beats and replaced the screaming with loud rapping.

Lord of the Game is a track on their album, that is very hard to find without googling it, Exmilitary. I had never heard of Death Grips until a friend introduced me to them and I wouldn’t say immediately, but after a few listens I was fixed into their crazy songs. A close second to this song would be from a different album (that you can actually find on iTunes) called I’ve Seen Footage. Now, I’m not exactly sure what this song is about, but I do know when I was listening to it I was slightly reminded of Lord of the Flies, and not just because the names are similar. It was because one, there is a man in the song that yells “I am the god of hellfire!” and for some reason that made me think of the conch on that certain island and all the crazy happenings that occur.

This track also just has a great beat that is amazing for running to or just screaming to. I chose this as my song of the week simply because I’ve been listening to it for months and I’m STILL not sick of it.

So, even if you don’t like loud music, maybe just give a listen to see what you think .. I don’t know what I’m trying to say, I think I’m just trying to avoid the fact not everyone’s going to like it. But whatever! Screw em! it’s still my favorite of the week and probably will be my favorite for another 3 months.


Thanks for reading my first of many ‘songs of the week’ to come!! I hope you enjoy the songs I chose for this week and will come back next week for more. Also feel free to check out some other stuff I write, if you liked my weak attempt at humor in this post then you might just love what else I have to say.

Okay, NOW it’s over …